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We have been working in the Business market for a number of years now, over which time we have developed and adopted some principals and processes to ensure that the Businesses we deal with make the most efficient and effective use of their technology, and ensure this is done within the budgetary requirements of today’s business market. All too often we come across a business that has spent way too much money on technology for the size of their business, or they have technology that they are not using effectively which they could benefit from.


We operate as a Managed Service Provider, which basically means we have a structure in place where we provide our clients with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which describes the service we provide, and sets the expectation for support.


We have invested heavily in tools that enable us to provide support to clients across the country using remote management tools, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring of their critical systems.


We operate by taking control, and responsibility for the WHOLE environment. This means that basically the buck stops with us. We will become YOUR IT department.


We also provide regular reviews and updates to our contracted clients to ensure they are getting the best use of their current and future technology.


We base our recommendations on a design we have developed which we call:-


‘Model Office Technology Framework’ -  MOTF


This is derived from applying principal that come from the:-


‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ - ITIL.



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